Sunshine: check
knitting: check
quiet: kind of
clean house: mostly check

I'd say this is a perfect day!! Oh yeah forgot that I had all three kids at the dentist by myself. Needless to say we were that family! You know the one with one sulky kid, one good kid and one screaming kid. Yep that was me. Oh well over and done with for another 6 months. Dropped the good kid back off on my way home and sulky/screamy came home with me. WTH. Well if I didn't have to take sulky to the doctor his A*s would be at school too and I would be able to add alittle jamesons to my tea:)

WHERE IN THE HELL IS SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The last 2 mornings it has been snowing. I love snow but I need some green. Like NEED it. I guess I will have to knit something green. Green and spring-like. I guess I need to get online to find something.
I have been sick for 2 weeks now, I guess that's what I get for not even getting a sniffle this winter.

Spring, will it every get here :(

new adventures
Did you ever have the feeling like sometimes things are going too well?? I suppose I am in a very comtemplative mood. Thinking back on my life until this point has been fun. What does the future hold? Another child? Different state? Different career? I just don't know but I guess I will do what I do best- go with the flow. Sometimes others personal issues can change the track my life is on. I try not to let that happen but it still does. Maybe the current events in my life are just what is needed to make any big changes I have been comtemplating. Just maybe.......

Sorry Alaska :(
What was I thinking???? Must have been the Pre- Fur Rondy Madness making me spout untruths!!! Yep Spring was not here, in fact it snowed several inches mere days from my predictions. Thank God Nurse4a2 talked some sense to me. I have been watching the most glorious sunrises for the past couple of days and am hopeful again.
Husband came back safely. We are now gearing up for our Family Trip to DisneyLand. It should be interesting, our first family trip. Our 2 year old is petrified of characters, moving ones specifically. So obviously we thought he would love Disney Land home of Mickey, etc. Granted the older 2 will have a ball. Guess it is up to Mama to protect the baby. It should be fun and hopefully we have some sunshine.

Taking a big step here...... I do believe that Spring is HERE!!! *holding breath*** Ok well I was expecting a cataclysm. Oh at the very least some irate Alaskans knocking at my door shouting as I have just doomed us to more winter. But it has been above freezing for 2 weeks. The snow is melting, plants are budding, and birds are singing. I hope this lovely weather is here to stay. Love the snow but need some green in my life.
The husband is out of state in training... warmer here...hehe. This is going to be a long week without him. Miss him already.. its been only 2 days. Well better get back to barricading my door in case the irate Alaskans really do show up....

Wonderful Wonderful Tea,
Check out these websites if tea is in fact your cup of...... well....tea
or for more manly teas
Interesting blends, maybe more intriguing than tasty???

After hearing much news about deaths happening close to home, I am reminded that life is short and may end too quickly and suddenly. I am a hopeful person at heart but at times like this I find the hope easily hidden. Riding the waves of emotion called sadness is exhausting. My mom is in town visiting and her grief alone is overwhelming. So hug your loved ones tightly and spend each day to the fullest.

Happy New Year!!!!
Hope everyone's New year is great this year. At least in my world last year was not that great. Planning a major trip with the family, spending time learning new things, and enjoying life in general. You know the slow down and appreciating the "quiet", that is what I need more of my life. Hope the new year brings everyone what they seek.

Happy Holidays!
Well, nice and quiet afternoon, 2 out of 3 kids are out with grandma and pappy, little one napping. It is very windy here but not too cold. Many knitting projects dancing in my head but I can't seem to settle on anything. The best part of the day, no cooking, going over to my brother in laws for dinner and no clean up!!!! Yeah onto the day and the new year for that matter.

Harry Potter
SO just watched the new Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince. Perfect for today, cold and dark. 2 out of 3 kids napping, hot tea and popcorn. Could the day get any better! Husband in the kitchen cooking Chinese food right now, so I guess it could :)


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